Upon receiving my Accounting degree, I began working in the corporate world. I quickly realized that being away from my young kids for 11-12 hours a day and working just to pay for daycare that something had to change. I have always been a helper! I feel the most whole when I am helping to make a difference in others lives.

In 2010, I decided to take a leap of faith. My son was in elementary school and my daughter started preschool so I looked for some part time cleaning jobs. I started with two clients (who are still my clients today!) and quickly grew to needing to build a team. Today I am proud to say we serve Pittsburgh and surrounding communities and do business with over 130 residential homes and businesses and are still growing everyday!!!

Cleaning back then was a means to make money while not sacrificing money and time with my children all while helping others. Today it is about making a difference in the lives of my clients and giving them the ability to spend their time with their families and doing things with them instead of having to clean their house.



(412) 478 9657

  • In business for 14 years

  • Insured

  • Extensive training of employees in order to maintain consistency

  • Go above and beyond to make sure customer is satisfied

  • Family owned and operated – a local small business

  • Member of the Plum Chamber of Commerce

  • Company gives back to the community thru
    • Community outreach programs

    • Chamber events

    • School donations

    • Local Charity work

  • Treat our clients like family

  • Treat our employees like family

  • Work with employees (mainly moms) on flexible scheduling in order to have a work/home balance

We are a faith based company. We believe that Jesus leads our decisions and the paths we take in our lives. Our path we follow is to be a part of the service industry. We believe that we were called to serve others in this manner and we go above and beyond to ensure our customers are extremely satisfied with our work. We also help those in need with various projects around their homes. Being of service to our community is what we strive to live for.

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